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How To Maintain A Balanced Diet?

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How many times have you caved in on your so called ‘diet’ that you promised to strictly follow? Probably more than you could ever count. See that’s the thing about us humans, when we force ourselves to do something that we know we need but don’t really want to, there is a high chance we would try to cheat our way through, thus making the entire effort pointless. So if you truly want to maintain a proper diet throughout, here are some tips to take in to consideration.

Eat what you desire

We have so many things that we just want to stuff our face with. It could be a burger, some high protein filled steak, a bag full of chips, cheesy curly fries and so much more. But the problem is that we know it is unhealthy yet we continue to suffocate ourselves with that thought yet drown out the guilt by promising to eat better next time. Trust me, that next time would never come because it is always going to be a next time. Instead eat without guilt, but substitute healthier options in to it. So if you are craving for a burger then whip it up at home rather than getting one down from McDonald’s or any other fast food restaurant, and instead of using beef that is fat filled, opt to use turkey meat or a homemade patty from veggies! This way you can control your diet better just like any personal trainer would advise you to.

Eat when you desire

They say that time is most important when it comes to your meals. If you get late and have a meal it could affect the entire system in your stomach giving you gastritis and all other sorts of complications. So to avoid them it is essential that you make an effort to eat on time. If you are too hungry and cannot wait for your lunch break, then take some time off and have your lunch now. This way you are avoiding the increased intensity of natural acidity reactions in your stomach. In addition to the usual meals we also tend to snack on a lot of junk food, and making an effort to control these is essential, especially because these are filled with so many preservatives and whatnot. So substitute these junk foods with much healthier snacks to snack on.


Eating is perfectly fine and going on extreme diets for this isn’t necessary if you initially make an effort to control the amount of food you eat. Set a limit and fill only 2/3rd of your stomach with food and water, the rest ought to be empty. This practiced combined with personal training Canberra, is sure to give you the results you desire!