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How Can You Be A Good Neighbour

When you were growing up you may have remembered attending neighbourhood block parties at least every other week. Furthermore, as a child, some of your closest friends may have been the neighbourhood children. But as an adult, you may have realized that you don’t even know who lives next door to you. Moreover, when you talk with your friends it appears that everyone is complaining about bad neighbours. In such a situation we understand that every individual may have thought whether there were bad neighbours. However, you should keep in mind that being a good neighbour is one of the easiest things that you can do. Furthermore, being a good neighbour also means that you know for a fact that there would be someone to help you in case of an emergency. However, we also understand that you may be wondering what you can do to earn this title. 


One of the biggest causes of rifts between neighbours is noise. That is because no one likes for their children to be awakened by the sound of parties. However, one also has to understand that different neighbourhoods have different noise acceptability levels. For instance, if you are living in a neighbourhood filled with college kids they would not mind noisy parties. But this would not be the case when you are living next door to a young couple. Furthermore, you also need to understand that it is not only parties that can be noisy. For instance, even the sound of electric bikes Melbourne in the middle of the night can be disturbing if you live in a quiet neighbourhood. Therefore you should keep this fact in mind the next time you get into something in the middle of the night.

Give a Helping Hand

In this day and age, we understand that every individual is overwhelmingly busy. Therefore you think that others would not mind when you look the other way when they are in need of a helping hand. For instance, if you see a neighbour having trouble with one of their right e scooters in the morning you would only have one reaction. That is to look the other way because you don’t want to get late for work. Furthermore, you may even think that you don’t have any knowledge about this vehicle to offer any helpful advice. But there is something that you can do and that would be to offer to give them a ride. Furthermore, if you see the neighbour’s driveway needs to be shovelled you can help them with this task. Thus if you follow these tips you would discover you can easily be considered as a good neighbour.